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At FMG Studios, we offer top-notch production services to take your podcast to new heights. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in every aspect of podcast production, from recording and editing to sound design and mastering. With state-of-the-art equipment and a keen attention to detail, we ensure that your podcast sounds professional and polished.

Let's Build Your Podcasting Empire

Podcast Production Made Easy: Let us handle all the essential elements of podcast production for you. From expert editing to crafting engaging show notes, accurate transcriptions, and eye-catching audiograms, our team ensures that your podcast shines in every aspect. We take care of the technicalities, so you can focus on creating exceptional content and connecting with your audience.

Level One

Our Essentials Package is perfect for beginner podcasters looking for a solid foundation. We handle the basics, including expert audio editing, ensuring your episodes sound professional and polished.


Level Two

Elevate your podcasting experience with our Enhanced Package. Building on the features of our Essentials Package, we’ve included additional episodes and captivating images to up your podcating game.


Level Three

Take your podcasting experience to new heights with our Premium Package, an all-inclusive solution that goes above and beyond the offerings of our Enhanced Package, elevating your podcasting journey.


Episode Add-On Services

These services complement our podcast editing expertise, ensuring your content is professional, engaging, and easily shareable across platforms. 


We understand the importance of eye-catching visuals to capture audience attention and create a memorable impression. Our Image Pack includes three professionally designed graphics that align with your episode's theme, providing a visually engaging experience for your listeners.


Enhance the listener experience and provide valuable information. Our team of skilled writers craft concise and engaging show notes that provide an overview of your episode, including links to relevant resources, guest information, and any additional details you want to highlight.


Make your podcast content accessible and searchable with our Transcriptions service. Transcriptions provide written versions of your podcast episodes, capturing every word spoken in the audio. This improves your SEO and allows your audience to easily read and follow along with the episode.


Audiograms are dynamic visual representations of your podcast episodes, combining audio snippets with eye-catching graphics or captions. They provide a sneak peek into the content of your podcast and are an effective way to stand out in crowded social media feeds and attract new listeners to your show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional audio editing can significantly enhance the quality of your podcast by removing background noise, improving clarity, and ensuring a seamless listening experience. It’s recommended for achieving a professional and engaging podcast.

Show notes provide a written summary of each episode, including key points, guest information, and relevant links. They help your audience quickly understand the content and provide a reference for future reference and SEO optimization.

Absolutely! We offer podcast distribution services that involve submitting your podcast to various podcast directories, including popular platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more, ensuring maximum visibility and reach for your podcast.

Yes, we provide transcription services to convert your podcast episodes into written text. Transcriptions can improve accessibility, SEO, and allow your audience to follow along with the content.

Yes, we offer podcast artwork design and branding services to help you create a visually appealing and professional podcast cover art that represents your brand and attracts listeners.

Our standard turnaround time for podcast editing is 72 hours. This means that once you provide us with your raw audio files, we will edit and enhance them within a 72-hour timeframe.

Yes, we offer expedited editing services for clients who require a faster turnaround time. Please contact us directly to discuss your specific needs, and we’ll provide you with options and pricing for expedited editing.

There are no contracts required when working with us on a month-to-month basis; instead, we offer convenient monthly subscriptions.

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